The Endless Walk

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad!

The longest mile


A wise man once said
"That our powers of imagination work better in darkness than in light."
Though this has nothing to do with anything, I enjoy mentioning it.

This site exists solely as a hub to link all of my projects together, whether it's my youtube stuff, my workshop stuff or random stories or Gmod/SFM comics, it will most likely link back here.

"But why?"
Though it is true that I have gotten far without needing a central place for projects it is also true that it has been a little bit troublesome to share updates and such with different groups of people. I could have used my old "blogsite," I suppose but after going back to it I didn't know where to start. Given that the old site made a lot of references to The Corrupt Regulators (who disbanded several months ago), ironing those out would be phase one and phase two would be undoing all of the stupid decisions I have made in regards to "the gallows." The biggest problem is that I've changed my name since (in case you haven't noticed) and in order to change the gallows to "The Endless Walker's Gallows" it would require an entire site overhaul. Even if I did all that and survived the work load the Gallows would be an unfitting name and by now you are probably coming to the same realisation that I am...

For those of you who are completely unaware of what I am talking about, fear not for that part of my life is pretty much over and I don't plan on referencing it too often.

So yes... time to begin again, new site, new projects, new mindset and new fri- nope still don't have friends.