The Endless Walk

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad!

The Endless Walker: One of nature's mysteries

I am The Endless Walker modder, writer (if you can call this drivel "writing") and supervillai- I mean pre school teacher.


I've been about for a bit, began on youtube as Psychomantis108 and after a while packed that shit in to open a "blog site." During that era I was "The Hanged Man." Now I am The Endless Walker, I walk endlessly looking for purpose or at least something consistent to do.


Want to learn more? Check out the site and bask in my glow... wait... glow?

Right, I'm off to pop me some rad X!


Q:Why is this site called: The longest mile?

A:It's a reference to a song by Clutch, namely "The Regulator." 


Q:Why did you change your name to 'The Endless Walker?'

A:Just did... I change my name every two years...


Q:Why is your name 'bruntwoody?'

A:I used an ancient email adress (from about ten years ago) when I opened this site. Sadly it used my email adress as my site name, I can't change it and I've done too much to do anything about it now.


Q:What is the purpose of your site?

A:Mostly to give further information for my projects and a central hub for my projects as well as download links.


Q: Are you planning on modding anything else besides Left 4 Dead?

A: Yes

Q: Can you specify?

A: No, I'll make stuff as I go along.


Q: What happened to The Corrupt Regulators?

A: The group had originally disbanded, recently I decided to reopen the forum and reinstate it, however, I have no further plans for the group, the forum is still up and I've kept the sites and resources but the group's only presence is on the forum now and the Rockstar social club.


Q: Will you be carrying over any features from the Cregulator/Gallows sites?

A: No