The Endless Walk

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad!


Here's some miscellaneous things that I've made over the years, some of you may find them useful.

Fallout: Vault Boy PS3 Theme

This is a theme for the playstation 3, that replaces the icons with vault boy/pipboy images.
I made this two years ago after being incredibly dissapointed with the lazyness of the Fallout 3 PS3 theme.
Thus, this theme contains mostly different images for every icon. I say "mostly," because repeating one or two of them was innevitable.
It should be noted that I stopped working on this two years ago, I currently have this theme installed on my PS3 and it works with the current version of the software.
Icons added after 2011 will just be their original icons, I'm afraid... I have no intentions of updating or doing anything else with this project.