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Left 4 Dead 2

Below are all of my contributions to l4dmaps and the Steam Workshop, if you see any of these mods anywhere else they are most likely stolen (or someone just thought up the same idea) either way I would like to know.
Below is some information on the addons and links to the addon pages at multiple sources if possible, I also answer questions so please check here before asking, because it is possible that your questions have been answered and I'd like my road to carpel tunnel syndrome to have a few bumps along the way.

Nuka Cola - Cola Replacement.

"Whitaker barricaded himself in waiting for nuclear Armageddon... But he forgot his oh so sweet Nuka Cola!"

This mod replaces Whittaker's cola with the universally recognisable Nuka Cola!

Steam workshop



Q: Is this a replacement for pills?

A: No, this replaces the cola prop, you can find the prop in Dead Center and several addon campaigns.

Evacuation replacement: Armed with death

Non can forget the awesome scene in episode 5 where this music plays, so I decided to add this to Left 4 Dead 2 so you can all have similar badass experiences.

This music plays instead of the normal "skinonourteeth" track which starts when the survivors are evacuated during a finale.

Steam workshop



Q: The evacuation part is when the rescue comes, right?

A: Yes

Q: Does this work with all of the campaigns?

A: Yes, originally it had problems on the l4d1 maps but those issues have been ironed out.

Q: Where can I hear the song?

A: The song plays during the evacuation sequence for example in No Mercy the song would play when the helicopter pilot has arrived.

Smart arse edit: By the way it's not a song...

Q: Could you steal that Lee Everret skin from the original maker who worked so hard on it and reupload it and reap all of the downloads and subs?

A: No, because it's not mine and that would be steal and unscrupulous and you'd have to be a total shithead to even think of doing that. If you want it, get it from L4Dmaps or wait for the uploader to upload it himself.

Q: What software did you use to make this?

A: GFscape and VTF edit, I used Audacity for any sound editing.

Q: Why is this incompatible with "It's over?"

A: I'm not entirely sure, I heard that it's a problem with the addon.txt, I'm hoping to fix it in my next update.

Death music replacement: It's over!

This mod replaces the standard "leftfordeath" track with the very moving "It's over!" track from Episode 2 of the walking dead game.

For those of you who don't know "leftfordeath" plays after a player dies and goes into spectate mode.
Steam workshop

Q: Why is this incompatible with "Armed with death?"

A: I'm not entirely sure, I heard that it's a problem with the addon.txt, I'm hoping to fix it in my next update.

Fallout: Tactics - Tank theme replacement (replaces the tank theme with the final boss music)

This mod replaces the Tank's theme with the music that plays in the boss battle of Fallout: Tactics.

Steam workshop

Vaultsuit Nick - Nick Skin

This mod replaces Nick's suit with the Vault Dweller's, Vault 13 suit from the original Fallout.

I would also like to thank ShishkebabJS for his feedback, during the creation of this mod.
Special thanks to Pappaskurtz for letting me reskin his "inmate Nick" model, you can find his work on his profile (with the same name) on Steam.

Humorously enough many downloaders have said that this costume gives Nick a striking resemblence to the Lone Wanderer's father.

Steam Workshop


The holy frag grenade - Pipebomb replacement

Then did he raise on high the Holy Frag Grenade of the Mojave, saying, "Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy." And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the brahmin and bighorners and punga fruit and human flesh -
A Reading from the Book of Armaments, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20

This holy artifact replaces the pipe bomb, special thanks to Crowbait for the original Fallout 3 grenade and for the permission to do the reskin.

The original Fallout 3 frag grenade can be found here.

Steam workshop



Q: Why doesn't this addon show up on the ingame "addons" list?

A: I'm not sure, possibly a problem with the Addon.txt


A: YES! 

Monty Python!



Q: Could you make a script and sounds for this mod?

A: I'm afraid I don't know anything about scripting for Left 4 Dead 2 and I attempted to change the sound but all attempts failed.

If you wish to create your own scripts and sounds, feel free and I'll even link them on this site.

Q: Where can I get that shotgun in the screenshots?

A: Here, now get lost!

Fallout skill books/magazines - Magazine rack replacement

This mod replaces the magazines on the racks with various skills books/magazines from all of the Fallout games.

There should be something here for fans of old Fallout and new.

Trivia: One of the books (The Unwashed Villagers) was never featured in any of the Fallout games as it is not a skill book. The Unwashed Villagers are one of the oldest Fallout communities to date and are still active at!

Steam Workshop

Homer Simpson's Wonderbat - Baseball bat replacement.

 "These zombies don't scare me... I've got Wonderbat!" - Homer J Simpson.

This is a replacement for the baseball bat (mind blowing I know), it may look like an ordinary bat but it was actually crafted by a magical piece of wood. Beautifully crafted by a Mr Homer J Simpson, this bat will give any survivor the upper hand in combat. Just so long as they don't run into a zombiefied Roger Clements.

Editor comments: I've always found the baseball bat to be a bit of a bland weapon, being British, I often avoided it and went for the cricket bat instead. The original intention of this mod was to make the baseball bat seem more appealing to me. To do this, I made it feel more familiar and thus decided to base it on Homer's bat from The Simpsons.

Steam workshop

NCR First recon - Bill's beret replacement

"The last thing you'll never see" - NCR, First Recon Slogan.
The first recon snipers are some of the best sharp shooters that NCR have to offer, members include Craig Boone and Manny Vargas as well as the legendary Ten of spades.
Before anybody asks, I didn't give the beret the same red texture because the textures would have looked wierd. The texture file for Boone's beret is differently shaped and would probably look distorted. Realising this, I recoloured the beret to make it red and then replaced the logo.

Steam workshop
Left4deadmaps - No link available, this mod is currently exclusive to Steam workshop.

The Walking Dead - "Take us back" by Alela Diane (replaces the campaign credit music)

This mod replaces the credits song "themonsterswithin" with the credit songs from TellTale's Walking Dead.

Steam Workshop

Fallout: Propaganda and commerciall posters - poster replacements.

This mod introduces the familiar propaganda and commerciall product posters from the Fallout games, this pack contains a wide range of posters and signs ranging from the New Vegas casinos, vault tec and soft drink advertisments to NCR and Enclave propaganda.

Steam workshop

Q: Where'd you get the assault rifle seen in the pictures?
A: Here, you unappreciative, vile, jelly!

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